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Episode 12 — “Who is the We in Diaspora?                 

Jonathan Jae-an Crisman

Episode Transcript

“Who is the we in diaspora?” is a sonic exploration of Asian American and diasporic collective identity through a chorus of sixteen different voices, recorded shortly after the Atlanta shootings of six Asian spa workers.


Jonathan Jae-an Crisman (he/him) is an artist and urban scholar whose work considers the intersections between culture, politics, and place. He recently published Urban Humanities: New Practices for Reimagining the City (MIT Press, 2020), and is Assistant Professor of Public & Applied Humanities at the University of Arizona. He holds degrees in architecture, geography, and urban planning from USC, MIT, and UCLA.


Thanks to Andy, Ann, Howin, Jacqueline, Jason, John, Kenny, Kevin, Kimhouy, Louie, Melissa, Paul, Paulie, Savannah, and Scott for sharing their voices. The music in the episode is from The Nanribeobseok Project Music Department, made up of Oh Jae-hwan and Lee Hyung-ju. Their music is made from field recordings of Haje Village in Korea, made as a protest of the takeover of Haje by the US military. You can download their album “Village, Sea, Base: A Collection of Memories and Sounds from Haje” online at

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Flyer for QNA’s online Lunar New Year “Oxtravaganza” event featuring queer API performers, 2021. Courtesy QNA.