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Episode 11 — Sankofa: Black Healing Matters                 

Eliza Franklin-Edmondson

Episode Transcript

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, a matrix is defined as 1) something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form; 2) a mold from which a relief is made. Shelley Bruce, a poet, painter, and community organizer is the featured person for this initial podcast. She is also the founder of the event series HEALING, that produces protests based in wellness ato powerfully rejuvenate and inspire communities. In this first podcast episode of the Black Matrix Collective as I call it, or aspects of Black Life Mattering,  I have a raw and euphoric dialogue with lightworker Shelley Bruce. The introduction of our conversation is a poem written and recited by me. Our talk reimagines the ways in which Black Folx attain their higher self through internal and external healing. The overall discussion highlights the healing process as being as much a collective experience for Black Folx as it is an individual transformation.


Eliza Franklin-Edmondson is a Black mother of four children residing in Los Angeles, California. She is a poet, liberation activist, researcher and street conservationist. As an Alabama native and great-grandaughter of lynching victim, Willie Jenkins, her interests often coincide at the nexus of rural and urban equity issues for marginalized individuals. She is currently a UCLA graduate student in the Urban Planning Master’s program working within a self-created area of concentration called Critical Race Studies, Digital Mapping and Heritage Conservation. Most recently she obtained an Urban Humanities Certificate and as a newly dubbed urban humanist, she is involved with two research projects.The first project is an analysis of the George Floyd Global Memorial and the second termed the Mujer Migrante Memorial, an installation and performance on the female migrant deaths at the US-Mexico Borderlands. Her long term goals are to obtain her PhD, create a podcast, and establish non-profits nationally and globally that further her personal mission to aid marginalized mothers and families.


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