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Episode 07 — My Commute is Home               

Gus Wendel

Episode Transcript

This episode probes the student commuter experience at UCLA. Just how many long-distance commuters are there? What is the relationship between commuting and housing insecurity? What are advocates doing to address nexus between long or “extreme” commutes and houslessness? Using prior research conducted by cityLAB as a baseline, Gus engages a series of students and administrators to get a sense of the current state of the UCLA commute, and what commutes might look like when campus reopens this fall.


Gus Wendel is a doctoral student in Urban Planning at UCLA, and is the Assistant Director of cityLAB-UCLA, where he oversees several design-research projects examining the links between housing insecurity, long-distance commuting, and public space access and use. Gus is part of the UCLA Urban Humanities Initiative, where he co-produces the Digital Salon and is involved in teaching and research. Gus has a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the Luskin School of Public Affairs and a BA in International Relations and Italian Studies from Brown University.


I thank the following people for lending their perspectives on commuting and housing insecurity at UCLA:

Brittany Montaño, UCLA undergraduate student (rising MURP)

Trevor Remeyer, UCLA undergraduate student (Psychology, Urban Planning)

Carmen Garcia-Shushtari, Assistant Director, UCLA First Year Experience

Sachi Cooper, UCLA undergraduate student, USAC Facilities Commissioner

Clinton Bench, Director of Fleet and Transit, UCLA Transportation

Akina Nishi, UCLA undergraduate student (Applied Linguistics)

Kriseira Lamas-Krauletz, UCLA undergraduate student (Biology)

Evan Bruetsch, UCLA graduate student (MURP/M.Arch)

Nallely Almaguer-Rodriguez, recent UCLA graduate (Architecture)

Jacqueline Barrios, UCLA graduate student (Ph.D English)

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