We asked each of our Season 2 participants to take part in a series of three workshops, facilitated by the production team, that supported the podcast production process. During these workshops, we discussed and developed ideas and produced audio that could be integrated into contributors’ projects. The aim of the workshops was to foster a collaborative environment among urban humanities students and alumni where we can collectively expand our approaches and nurture both alterity and common themes throughout. The workshops also served as production deadlines for components of contributors’ final episodes.

Check back after the final episode drops for the release of the archive which will host the following for each:

Ask 1  Observe<1 hr (web content, source, archive)Observe  a given environment that speaks to a collective; submit a raw record of what you are studying or learning (e.g. lecture, workshop, neighborhood walk, master class)
Ask 2  Interview10 min (source, archive)Identify a person related to your study that you would like to learn from and interview; submit a raw record in the form of a 10 minute conversation  (method/experience and/or content)
Ask 3  Curate5 min (derivative, source, archive)Curate the raw material of asks 1 & 2 into a sampled whole so that the story of what you studied tells itself without a narrator's voice; submit a 5 min edited piece.
Ask 4  Summarize 3 min (souce, archive)Summarize the study of the collective  (knowledge transfer method, message and experience); submit a 3 minute narration.
Ask 5  Teach

<1 hr (web content, source, archive)Lead a participatory engagement with others transmitting the message  and modeling the method of knowledge transfer  (listening session, teach-in, lesson, workshop, exercise etc); submit raw record of this endeavor.
Ask 6  Reflect5 min (source, archive)Reflect on the study experience as a whole,  what does this mean for the collective?; submit a 5 minute narration.