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Episode 05 — Jitney and Anarchy: A 100-Year Global History of Rideshare in Popular Music        

Peter Sebastian Chesney

UHI alumni Peter Sebastian Chesney and PhD candidate of History at UCLA dives into the history of rideshare in Los Angeles and beyond, illuminating the collective organizing practices that bear relevance to today’s so-called ‘sharing economy.’


Peter Sebastian Chesney is a Ph.D. student in UCLA’s history department who is filing in the summer of 2021. His dissertation is called “Drive Time: A Sensory History of Car Cultures from 1945 to 1990 in Los Angeles.” He graduated from UHI in 2016 as part of the first Mexico City cohort. In the years since, he has taken his interdisciplinary training into several consulting roles. He worked with Zev Yaroslavsky, Alisa Belinkoff-Katz, and Marques Vestal on a housing history, with Anna Deavere Smith on a streaming television narrative, with the President of Occidental College on a study of the liberal arts, with Peter Lunenfeld on a commercial book, with Gustavo Leclerc on his newest book, and with the late Martin Wachs and Yu Hong Hwang on a traffic reduction history. A focus on jitneys came of the collaboration with Marty, the University of California’s most prominent transportation planner ever, who advised in the writing of “The Return of the Jitneys,” a forthcoming essay in the journal Critical Planning.


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