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Episode 10 — Growing Resilience                 

Marta Kwiczała

Episode Transcript

The episode is a slow meditation on bread and the community of home bread bakers that emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic. A story about bread in three acts: a cross-pollination of an interview, a workshop, and a feast; it discusses the abundance which springs from social relationships within the food production systems. What are resilience and interdependence, and how are they embedded in collectivity? What is the place of a community inside of a commodity chain? How does a group enable greater productive capacities? The episode tries to answer these questions through the lens of the common practice of bread baking.


Interior architect and researcher based in Bangkok. With a background in cultural studies, she connects to systemic aspects through food explorations. Using food as a departure point, she looks at it as an indispensable attribute of culture, a connector, necessity, and waste. She examines rituals and interactions, food production processes and their ecology, food as an artistic medium and a tool for communication.


Kwiczała, Marta. Interview with Pathamaporn Tonjunpong. March 16 2021. Podcast audio.

Kwiczała, Marta. Workshop with Martha Kriley and Yelena Pozdnyakova. March 14 2021. Podcast audio.

Kwiczała, Marta. Dinner recording with Ema Kačar, Liva Dudareva, Michał Jurgielewicz, Eduardo Cassina, Ahmad Makia. April 18 2021. Podcast audio.