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Episode 09 — Family-ing/Familiando                 

Ana Maria Alvarez

I've always seen 'family' as solidly in relationship with the larger framework of society/world. I grew up on picket lines and come from a family rooted in building and sustaining radical transformation for racial and economic justice. I founded a dance company 15 years ago as a way to create my own familia of artists and organizers. I now have my own children (ages 10 and 4) and have built my immediate family here in LA. Being quarantined with my children and husband and across the country from my parents, sibling's family and company members - it has both deepened my belief in family and completely transformed the way I'm functioning, leading and engaging in these familia spaces. How can our understanding and embodiment of familia transform the way we behave, move and engage in society presently and post pandemic? What are the practices that we are doing virtually and in person to connect and create families that are sustaining us during this time of social isolation? Is family a practice? What does that practice look like, feel like, sound like? How are we practicing already and what are the ways we urgently need to be practicing?