by Jason Araújo & Philip Salata

In this podcast, Jason Araújo and Philip Salata delve into the complex shifts in San Diego’s physical appearance as well as its policies that govern and promote urban life, particularly the controversial decision to demolish Horton Plaza, a significant postmodern architectural landmark. Building on their prior work documenting the destruction of Horton Plaza, this podcsat seeks to uncover the story behind what they consider a double-homicide on the site on Horton Plaza, a story that they believe will unearth not only questions of money, power, and politics, it will also suggest something that gets at/to the heart of our contemporary society’s struggles with memory and ruins and its trouble with the idea of a future.

About Our Podcasters:

Jason is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature at UCLA. Currently at work on a dissertation that examines the influence and legacy of three transatlantic literary magazines (Buenos Aires and Marseille) during the 1930s and 40s, he has also always been a student of the history and politics of urban space and architecture in the Californias.

Philip is an investigative reporter covering environment, energy and public health at inewsource, a non-profit government accountability news platform in San Diego. Salata is a USC Annenberg Fellow and is also a UC Berkeley California Local Reporting Fellow. He has reported on equity and social justice issues in Southern California, especially looking into community stories related to the green energy transition.